Why Run?

You deserve a choice in the May 2020 primary

The political system says that you don't need or deserve an option in the primary when an incumbent is running …because your choice is in the general election. The Indiana Republican Party isn't trying to hide this, with the party chairman serving as the campaign manager for the governor's reelection committee.

However, I believe you deserve a choice in the primary—because when you have a choice, you are empowered. When you have a choice, you have value.

Furthermore, what we define as "life" is our experience resultant from our choices. So, the fewer choices you have, the more mundane, vanilla your experience will be. And I don't want anyone—especially citizens of our great state—to settle for normal!

I'm not looking for a job, just an opportunity to serve

A job is a value someone else places on your ability. The compensation offered is evidence of this value. Jobs are good. However, the job of "politician" becomes a problem because those who see value in you (i.e., donors to your campaign), typically expect specific behavior from you. They are paying you for your ability to deliver for them, making our political system a government of a few, by a few, for a few.

Therefore, if elected as the 52nd governor of Indiana, I will not take a salary but rather donate it to non-profits in Indiana. Additionally, I will not seek a second term, so you won't have to wonder if winning votes for the next election is the motive behind my actions as governor. I know that stating this might sound like a gimmick to get elected the first time, but I can assure you, I don't aspire to be a career politician.

Families are the cornerstone of society, and when we face societal problems, we must focus on families

A cornerstone is a crucial part of the foundation on which the entire structure depends. If the cornerstone is cracked, gets dislodged, or is not performing as designed, the whole structure is at risk. Families were the first institution ever created. Therefore, families are the cornerstone of society. When the family isn't functioning as designed, all of society is at risk. ? Crime rates and drug addiction increase; educational achievement, and socioeconomic status decrease.

Sadly, Indiana ranks in the bottom 10 in most of the categories related to supporting children and families, such as child maltreatment, youth juvenile detention, and infant mortality. Indiana's inability to deliver for families is unacceptable.

We can and must do better. We need to stop masking the societal symptoms and need to start solving societal problems by focusing on families in Indiana. The government must educate, encourage, empower, and intervene when necessary, walking alongside those agencies—both in public and private sectors—that exist to assist families.

Status Quo Politics Are Limiting Indiana's Potential

We have systems that govern our lives. Systems such as family, religion, education, politics, business, entertainment, etc. These systems are designed for a specific function. When those systems don't function as intended, problems result. The political system isn't working as designed but rather sits above the other systems extracting their power and activities. With political system performing functions intended for the family, religion, education, and business, we have a growing government that is inefficient and ineffective in many ways.

Can we return the power and activities to the systems for which they were designed? Yes, but it won't be easy. It will require people to go into the political system that is not looking at getting anything from the political system. And, by flipping the political system on its head, placing it under the other systems, applying pressure to the political system to restore power and activities to their designated system.

Govern Indiana uniquely different and uniquely better.

A uniquely different and uniquely better Indiana is a United but Independent Indiana.

United, with the other 49 states, endeavoring to realize the story of the United States started by our founders over 243 years ago. What is that story? To create a perfect union as described with 35 simple words. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among those are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

A story is a vision or a picture of the future that is better than the present reality. Our country's founders were not articulating a then-current view of the United States but rather a future one, one that would take hundreds of years to accomplish.

Independent in the pathway taken to achieve that story. We don't need to be like Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, California, or New York. We can pick our pathway, the Hoosier way. That is the power and beauty of the United States of America. We all see the same destination but choose the path that is best for our state. We should also be independent of the federal government. We don't need people 575 miles away telling us how to educate our kids, live our lives, spend our money.

United around the "Hoosier Way." The Hoosier Way is the best pathway for Indiana, where our nearly 7 million residents are encouraged and free to reach their potential.

Independent in our ideas. Ideas don't come from political parties; they come from people. Those people might be organized into two parties in the political system today, but ideas are independent first. Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents all have ideas, and we must take those collective ideas and determine the best pathway for Indiana.