Indiana has a long history of compassion for those who are in need.  This is good.  But government officials must integrate wisdom and understand that they aren’t the point of origin for compassion.

Amidst the immense challenges that confront Hoosiers daily, our state government has chosen the political system and to accept refugees rather than defend the sovereignty of the Citizens of Indiana in this matter.

This is the latest in a growing list of centralizing, unilateral decisions from this administration.

This type of unilateral governance isn’t what Hoosiers agreed to during the last election.

I would not have made this decision in the manner it was made. This decision should not have been unilateral but should have been determined through interaction with Hoosiers.

I don’t blink when it comes to defending the right of Hoosiers to chart their destinies.

I understand that compassion doesn’t flow from the political system or state government.

I understand that compassion originates with the tens-of-thousands of hard-working Hoosiers who – despite sending huge amounts of their tax dollars to fund the state and federal governments – still donate to others generously. Compassion is an individual human condition not something the political system gets to decide.

And, I understand that it’s the right of individual Hoosiers, not governors, to decide – by following their beliefs, principles and convictions - where and when they will extend compassion and to whom they will provide their hard-earned dollars.

As Indiana’s next Governor, I will bring the change to state government that Hoosiers expect and deserve. Choosing Hoosiers over the political system.

I’m Brian Roth. You trusted me to defend our great Nation from those who were intent on destroying it while serving in the United States Navy. Now, I’m asking you to trust me to serve as the next Governor of the great State of Indiana. Together, we can restore self-government.

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